Announcement: SerpentStar is moving!

Hiya All

I’m excited to announce that, effective from the Samhuinn 2017 edition (ie the upcoming one), SerpentStar will be hosted at a new home –

Chris at Druidry Australia has been working hard behind the scenes to create a home for SerpentStar that looks and works exactly as it has here on the main WordPress site, the big difference is that I and future editors will have access to more storage, great technical support and a more integrated way of communicating with OBODies in our region.

Sooooo what does this mean for everyone who has subscribed via this site? Hopefully not too much difference – you will still receive an email every quarter when SerpentStar is available, just the link to go and download it will be different.

Also from today this site will be left online, for the time being, but will not have any fresh content. Future editions, updates and additions to the Archive project will be coming from the new site.

One very important piece of housekeeping though. Shortly I will be testing the mailout function at the new site. If you receive a second email from me then great – you don’t need to do anything! If you do NOT receive a second email regarding SerpentStar in the next 24hrs please email me at (the email address will not be changing) – it’s very important you let me know if you do not receive it, as it may mean your address has not made the switch to the new site.

And that’s the announcement! Hope your Equinox has been enriching, onward to Samhuinn!


Mandy /|\


New Year Survey

Hi All

As it’s a new calendar year I thought it might be useful to ask for some feedback on how you feel SerpentStar is developing, and what you’d like to see in your newsletter in the future. So I’ve set up a short online survey – it takes only 10 minutes to complete, and collects no personal data so your comments will be completely anonymous.

If you’d like to be part of the survey, please click on the link (or copy into your browser):

If you have any questions about the survey, please feel free to contact me.

Mandy /|\

SerpentStar Beltane 2011 Edition


The Beltane edition of SerpentStar can be viewed and downloaded  here (click on “here” and a new window will open displaying the document)

Please don’t forget to submit your work! ladya.serpentstar @ (remove spaces!)

A friendly reminder that the submission deadlines are the 20th of the month prior to the publish date. e.g. for the Lughnasadh edition, the deadline is January 20, 2012.

Bright Blessings under the Southern Stars,


(NB there was no edition of SerpentStar released for Imbolc 2011 – Ed.)

SerpentStar Imbolc 2010

Hallo everyone,

Here’s the latest SerpentStar.

Please note that SerpentStar is looking for a new editor. It’s great fun, light easy work, and keeps you in touch. Plus you learn heaps about desktop publishing – a valuable skill these days. If you have a few spare hours per quarter year, consider volunteering for this enjoyable, richly rewarding job. I will be available to help you get your hand in.

Meanwhile This Imbolc’s SerpentStar is hosted here:

Anyone having difficulty downloading it, let me, wyverne, know at and I’ll try emailing it direct.

SerpentStar Beltane 2009

Here’s the latest SerpentStar, the 2009 Beltane issue. It’s bursting its seams with good reading for you all.

(Sadly the original link to this file is no longer working – do you have a pdf copy of this edition that you can share with us? Please email to serpentstar . obod (remove spaces) – thanks, Ed.)

May your Beltane be truly blessed!

In the peace of the Grove

wyverne /|\